Back to Top The cost of deploying a broadband network depends significantly on the costs that service providers incur to access conduits, ducts, poles and rights-of-way on public and private lands. The costs can also be lowered indirectly by expediting processes and decreasing the risks and complexities that companies face as they deploy broadband network infrastructure. The FCC has already begun to take important steps in this direction with policies that will speed the deployment of wireless equipment on towers. With regard to other infrastructure such as utility poles, the FCC has authority to improve the deployment process and should use that authority. Lowering the costs of infrastructure access involves every level of government; active consultation among all levels of government will be needed to put in place pro-deployment policies such as joint trenching, conduit construction and placement of broadband facilities on public property. The FCC should establish rental rates for pole attachments that are as low and close to uniform as possible, consistent with Section of the Communications Act of , to promote broadband deployment. This is especially true with regard to integrated, voice, video and data networks. This uncertainty may be deterring broadband providers that pay lower pole rates from extending their networks or adding capabilities such as high-capacity links to wireless towers. By expanding networks and capabilities, these providers risk having a higher pole rental fee apply to their entire network.

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And if you live in Philadelphia, your paper recently featured this piece from a top executive at Comcast, explaining how, yes, American broadband is the bee’s knees. That smells an awful lot like a concerted campaign to convince Americans not to demand better from their broadband providers. Perhaps they’re trying to influence the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, who has been named by President Obama but not yet confirmed they probably don’t have to worry; the nominee, Tom Wheeler, is a former lobbyist for telecom companies.

Or perhaps they just want to make sure the public isn’t overly affected by the public-interest groups that for years have been complaining that compared to other advanced countries, the broadband Americans have is spotty, slow, and absurdly overpriced. The telecoms are right about one thing: In the last few years, broadband speeds have improved. Instead of being ranked in the 20s or 30s when it comes to the average speed of their internet, America by at least one measure has cracked the top ten.

But it has gotten better. But we’re paying for what we get—oh boy, are we ever paying. There is blazing fast internet available in America—if you live in the right place. That’s a big increase over just a few years ago; in , only one in 10 Americans could access those speeds.

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Presently, the Federal Communications Commission reports 10 percent of Americans, roughly 34 million people, do not have access to broadband Internet. The vast majority of them are people living in rural areas, where tech companies have declined to install the infrastructure necessary to bring high-speed Internet to a small number customers due to the cost. In many places, installing high-speed Internet cables in rural communities has only been possible with government subsidies.

Clinton pledged in a plan released Tuesday to increase federal funding for those projects, as well as increasing free WiFi access in public places, such as airports and train stations.

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Nova Scotia ordered to pay in rural high-speed internet court case

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Sky Broadband Shield is our online protection tool available at no extra cost for all Sky Broadband customers. Helps you control what your family can access online, with three age rating settings, across all devices connected to your Sky Broadband home network. Lets you block or allow specific websites or website categories. Automatically switches to the 18 age rating during hours you choose. Helps provide protection against malware-infected and phishing websites – these are sites that contain viruses or pretend to be from trusted sources, such as your bank, to trick you into providing personal details.

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FCC chairman Ajit Pai said as much on numerous occasions. Strangely, however, the FCC has not released a broadband speed report since Pai became chairman almost two years ago. Prior to Pai becoming chairman in January , the FCC had released broadband speed reports every year dating back to

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Or maybe you feel that you need more or less bandwidth due to your activity online. You might want to find out what your speed is so you can make the right decision about your Internet plan and service provider. If you want to find your current Internet download speed, you can use something called an Internet speed test.

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Compare by provider Oops, we can’t find any information about your postcode This could be because your property is a new build or your postcode has recently changed. We recommend you check with the providers directly by clicking on the logos below. So without further ado… 1. Check what you can get in your postcode This point is somewhat chicken and egg: To know what you should get, you first have to know what you can get.

By the same token, putting your postcode into the box above takes you away from this page, onto one that at first might seem pretty determined to overwhelm you with choice — choice that, at this stage, since you have not yet discovered the ins and outs of how to choose, might not make a lot of sense to you. To help with what follows, then, punch in your postcode and look for just two things: Jot down which are available then jump back to this page to continue reading.

How to find out what speed you need Choosing a speed will take you a big step closer to choosing a provider, because certain speeds are only available from certain providers. It might not get you all that way there, but it will narrow things down a bit.