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Exclusive: Lindsey Shaw talks Paily, Emison, and the joy of crying on “Pretty Little Liars”

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The rollercoaster will finally come to a stop. Few shows have thrown so many curveballs at the audience: In the interim months since Season 7A ended, fans have taken to YouTube to share their theories. Hanna was dating Sean and crashed his car , Aria hooked up with Ezra in a bar before she knew he was her teacher … oh, and Mona is the first character revealed to be A. Throughout the season, Mona has played both sides of the game. After she gets locked up and then released from Radley Sanitarium, she appears to be mostly good — but the Liars are still wary of her on occasion.

And the girls are definitely guilting of being too trusting at times. Queen Mona as A. Lucy Hale was arguably the most well-known in , which might explain the decision.

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Take my quiz to find out. If you love houses as much as I do, then I bet you can’t click just one! The show is about four high school girls—Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily—who are dealing with the mysterious disappearance of their friend Alison. They live in the posh town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, in four beautiful houses.

Here Are All the “PLL” Stars’ Relationship Statuses IRL. One’s married, one’s engaged, and one is dating his co-star’s doppelgänger.

All that mythology was taking up so much space in my brain, and I can now release it. Is there a definitive answer to how they got out? Each one of them has their own theory, which are so good. I feel like some great fan fiction could be written about how they got out. Whatever happened, it was messy. I think they have found out. In my mind, they have. Somehow that information got to them. Spencer knows it, so you have to figure that Spencer told them.

It was so insane, I kind of loved it. No, we just wanted pretty, sweet names. Girly names, for some reason. We needed a reason for her to have conflict in the episode.

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Fans are super excited to know who could be A. Meanwhile, a recent spoiler scoop reveals that although the finale might be tense, there will be some light moments too. Fans might expect a happy ending to three shippers. The Freeform network series has the latest details on the romance between the pairs. Nonetheless, nothing is officially revealed but it still remains a possibility.

Needless to say *SPOILERS* The Pretty Little Liars endgame is well and truly finished as AD has been revealed.. Yes, after seven seasons and countless text messages, the culprit AD (or Uber A.

Production[ edit ] Originally developed as a television series by book packaging company Alloy Entertainment , the idea was described as ” Desperate Housewives for teens. Jenna Marshall is played by Tammin Sursok. A TV tie-in of the second book “Flawless” featuring an altered Season 3 poster was released on December 28, Troian Bellisario portrays Spencer Hastings. Spencer is an extreme perfectionist who likes to please her wealthy family and her friends.

She is very competitive and an overachiever. Spencer is strong willed, smart, and kind towards everyone around her, but isn’t afraid to take down someone who is a threat to something she cares about. Bellisario also portrays Alex Drake in the final season, Spencer’s identical twin sister, whom is not truly revealed until the series finale. Ashley Benson portrays Hanna Marin. Hanna used to have an eating disorder. She was overweight, with the nickname ‘Hefty Hanna’. After Alison DiLaurentis disappeared, Hanna lost weight and changed her style, which seemed similar to Alison’s, with the help of her new best friend Mona Vanderwaal.

Over the course of the series, Hanna cares more about the people around her and tries to protect herself and her friends.


After Alison’s disappearance, she distances herself from the other girls and becomes best friends with another unpopular outsider named Mona. They managed to make themselves popular over the summer by becoming gorgeous and skinny. Hanna takes Alison’s place as the most popular girl at Rosewood High School in her absence and wins ‘Homecoming Queen’. She does everything for her loved ones and is the funny one of the bunch.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Shoppers can take a trip into the Upside Down at Manchester Arndale as Netflix brings some of its top TV series to the shopping centre tomorrow. The streaming service has recreated some of the most recognisable scenes from cult sci-fi horror Stranger Things and teen dramas Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars in an empty shop, where fans of the shows will be able to step into the shoes of some of their favourite characters with costumes to try on and props to play with.

Among them is the creepy woodland scene from Stranger Things, where Mike, Dustin and Lucas go looking for their missing friend Will and find the mysterious Eleven instead. The set includes replicas of the three boys’ bikes, which fans can hop on for a photo with a box of Eggos or a walkie talkie. Netflix staff have brought scenes from three of their biggest shows to the Arndale to show shoppers some of the tricks of the trade Image: Colin J Horne The school hallway from Riverdale has also been recreated, where fans can don a letterman jacket, grab a pair of pom poms and record a slo-mo video walking past the lockers.

All the content will be emailed straight to visitors to share on their social media accounts. The three shows have all been chosen because of their unconventional heroines, from Eleven and Barb in Stranger Things to Betty and Veroncia in Riverdale and the five brave leading ladies of Pretty Little Liars. The sets are free to explore and will be open from 10am to 6pm today Saturday May 6 , located next door to Dorothy Perkins on the upper floor of the shopping centre. Like us on Facebook.

Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario Get Married in Bohemian California Wedding — See the Pics

The actors on high school shows age out of looking like teenagers in large part because they were probably in their 20s when they were first cast to play tenth graders , and audiences have limited patience when it comes to solving mysteries. Queer women have always graded TV on a curve. We know, for example, that lesbian and bisexual characters are not going to enjoy the same kind of physical intimacy as the straight characters on the same show. All of those things have been true on Pretty Little Liars.

I can count them off for you like the birth stories of my own children. The night Maya made Emily an imaginary underwater paradise to comfort her after she was kicked off the swim team.

After seven twisty seasons, Pretty Little Liars came to an end on Tuesday night (June 27) in the US, revealing the identity of A.D. And it was a shocker. Series finale episode ‘Till Death Do Us.

He receives uneasy glances from all the students. After swim practice, Ben Coogan —Emily’s boyfriend—sneaks up on her in the girls locker room and tries to fool around with her. She tries to push him off nicely, but he gets violent and more forceful. Just then, Toby came to the rescue and wordlessly pushes Ben off of Emily. He pounds Ben into the locker until Ben bleeds, while Emily shouts for Toby to stop. Can You Hear Me Now? Toby becomes Emily’s lab partner, much to Emily’s dismay. Toby notices when Emily slams her lab book shut, though he doesn’t know that it is because of the photos planted there.

The Cast Of Pretty Little Liars Looked Ridiculously Hot At Coachella & Here’s The Proof

She manipulated and lied to her “friends”. She was mean to Mona for no reason. She manipulated Emily into thinking she cares about her only to dump her later. She made Hannah bulimic.

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Advertise with us Caleb Rivers used to be one of my favorite Pretty Little Liars characters, but it might be time to move on. He was an immediately intriguing character who was just way too easy to love. That being said, Caleb got off to a slightly rocky start with the Liars. He was working undercover for Jenna, and he was also committing petty crimes at school to make money.

However, even through all of that, he just had this quality that made you want to trust him. All the evidence pointed to him being trouble, but damn it, fans were going to cherish him anyway.

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By Lilly Oddy Feb 14, Pretty Little Liars had been one of the most intriguing mystery shows on television in the past few years. This is what forces the characters to go through great lengths to protect their family, friends, and loved ones — and what also makes for a pretty interesting ride. The show even received two spin-off shows of its own.

Name Years Nationality Prominent roles References Asher Angel: – American Andi Mack, Shazam!: Ariela Barer: – American One Day at a Time, Runaways: Sofia Black D’Elia.

Mona Vanderwaal 3Finish the lyric: A fun fact- The show is produced by Ina Marlene King who is a producer, writer and director. She also wrote the film ‘Now and Then’. These lead characters receive threatening messages from an anonymous source about some of their deepest secrets. Swear this one you’ll save Swear this one little dare Swear this one you’ll share Take this one to the grave 4Who is Ben Coogan’s girlfriend in the first season of Pretty Little Liars?

This character met Ben on the show, and they were good friends until people suggested they should date each other. Things went well for these two until the new student, Maya St. Germain, steps into the scene. This character supports Maya by showing her the school to which Ben pays no attention. Ben eventually confronts this character at a swimming practice when their relationship gets distant.

Aria Montgomery Emily Fields Spencer Hastings 5Which of the following characters got kicked out of school by kissing their physics teacher in order to annoy their mother? This character is the youngest brother of the Fitz family who is first seen in season 3 of the show ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

Pretty Little Liars Stars REUNITE & We Can’t Handle It